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Thank you for your interest in my blog and/or shop. Due to Hurricane Michael, I currently have no access to the Internet, so please be aware of these most frequently asked questions regarding purchases from my shop. I will remove this message when I'm back online, so if you see this message, know that I will not be able to respond promptly to you, if at all. Thank you so much for stopping by! Please pray for all of those who were in the path of Hurricane Michael as we recover and rebuild.

1. Where is my download?  Upon payment, you will receive an email from, which will contain the download links. If you haven't received this email within an hour, search for anything from since it is often delivered to the spam or trash folder.

2. I've exceeded the number of downloads for the product. This only applies to the timeline book. You have 3 downloads which should be sufficient as long as you don't click the download link from your phone or a tablet. Be sure to click it from your computer, then save the zipped file. After it's downloaded, unzip/extract it and you'll see the many files that are included with the download. {If you don't know how to unzip a folder, Google your computer type and "unzip": e.g. "unzip Mac."}


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