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Challenge Timeline Notebook

Challenge Timeline Notebook

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This is a timeline notebook with a classical twist! Designed specifically with Classical Conversations students in mind, each page of this timeline book (a set of digital files) is divided into the "strands" that comprise a day in community. Students can use the stickers to create fun visual cues that will create consistency among their entries across time and across their Challenge levels. 

This product includes a PDF file for a 120-page timeline notebook that begins with 3000 BC and goes through 2025 (with blank pages that can be added before or after those dates to expand the timeline) as well as blank lined pages to expand any given era within the book. It also includes a 30-page PDF file of colorful stickers and frames that will add visual interest and make working on the timeline a fun part of the school day. Although designed for Challenge students, Foundations students will also enjoy adding timeline events to the pages according to each of the ages from their timeline song.  Finally, files specifically designed for popular label paper (1"x 2 5/8"; PDF format) and die cutting machines (SVG format) are also included to make sticker-making even more streamlined.

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