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Latin Flash Cards

Latin Flash Cards

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Clean and simple graphic design is the hallmark of this set of flashcards, designed to aid students in memorizing Latin vocabulary from Henle I. Each card features a unique color-coding system that will help your student remember the declension or conjugation to which a word belongs. Designed to be easily printed at home on pre-perforated business card stock, these cards will be an invaluable aid to your budding Latin discipulus

If you are a student of Classical Conversations’ Challenge A, B, or I program, you’ll never need another Latin flashcard set. This set of over 500 flashcards covers all vocabulary in the Henle I Latin text.

Each digital file (PDF format) contains letter-sized pages of English terms on the front side of the cards with their Latin equivalents on the back side (10 business card-sized flashcards per page). Noun cards feature the standard dictionary entry for the word (nominative/genitive cases); verb cards show the 4 principal parts. The Latin side also features color-coding to quickly see at a glance the part of speech of the word: noun, verb, adjective, adverb, conjugation, and preposition. Graphic styles further distinguish between colors to separate the nouns, verbs, and adjectives into declensions/conjugations.

In this new set, cards are organized by part of speech: all 1st declensions nouns are in one file, and 1st conjugation verbs in another, and so forth. See the product photos featured on this page for an up-close look at the actual cards. In particular, note that the Latin words do not include macrons. These were purposely omitted to allow for students—like my autistic son—who prefer accents rather than macrons (see this article from Memoria Press for details on why I made this decision). Macrons or accents can very easily be added by hand and doing so will give your student great exposure to each vocabulary word. 

PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE PHYSICAL FLASH CARDS IN THE MAIL. You will be emailed a receipt with the download links immediately upon purchase. If you don’t receive your receipt within a few minutes, please search your email for anything from melanie@antiquatednotions.comIf the receipt is not delivered to your inbox, it likely has been delivered to your spam or trash folder.

Designed to be printed on pre-perforated business card stock and laminated using these business-sized pouches, the download includes instructions for how the cards are organized and how to print them at home. 

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