Chemistry Flash Cards


This set of flashcards will help you study introductory chemistry concepts.



Please note: this product is for a custom set of flash cards that will be delivered to you via a digital download. This is NOT a printed set of flash cards that will be mailed to you.

Includes the following terms: anion, atom, atomic mass unit (amu), atomic mass, atomic number, cation, chemistry, compound, covalent bond, di-, electron, electron cloud, electron configuration, element, energy level, gas, group, homo-, homonuclear diatomic, ion, ionic bonding, isotope, lepton, Lewis structure, liquid, matter, metal, metalloid, mixture, mole, molecule, molecular mass, neutron, nonmetal, nucleus, orbital, period, Periodic Table of Elements, plasma, proton, quark, solid, subscript, valence electrons.

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