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Evolution of the B notebook

Last year, I tried something new with my Classical Conversations Challenge B class. You can read all about my B notebooks here, but in case you were wondering how it turned out, let’s just say it was a mixed bag. I had a class of 11 (5 girls, 6 boys) and it pretty much fell along gender lines: the girls seemed to love and use them, and most of the boys used them for drawing (which isn’t necessarily bad).

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My 5 favorite homeschool tools

It’s that time of the year again: time to go to your favorite superstore of choice and load up on notebooks, binders, pens, pencils…basically all the things! I’m headed out to do that very thing later today, but I started thinking about the things that I don’t have to buy and wanted to share my list with you. These are, quite simply, the workhorses of my homeschool and I would be lost without them. They don’t really fall under the supply list, but rather I would call them my favorite homeschool tools.

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Using the Book Patch for Challenge B Anthologies

So you’ve decided to publish your anthology through The Book Patch. Where to start?!

First off, take a look at some of your own books and figure out the general size that you want your self-published book to be. Trade paperback? Letter sized? Something eye-catching and unusual like a square? The Book Patch has an extensive list of sizes to choose from so once you’ve figured out that part, go here and download the appropriate template.

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CC Connected treasures

If you are a member of a Classical Conversations (CC) community, then you are probably aware of the subscription service CC Connected (C3), an online membership that gives you access to a rich variety of resources through CC’s website. Today I want to tell you a little about some features of a C3 subscription that you may not have yet discovered. As you’ll soon see, a C3 subscription is worth significantly more than its price tag.

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Stocking stuffer games

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about my family’s favorite board games for Christmas gift-giving. I thought I’d follow that up with a second post, this time giving you a few ideas for smaller, more affordable options that have the added bonuses of also being easy to transport and educational! These would make great stocking stuffers or presents if you need something in the $15 range for a gift exchange.

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Minecraft meets Essentials

My boys are crazy for Minecraft™. They are not so crazy for their Essentials analytical task sheets. In a flash of inspiration yesterday, I decided to allow them to forego the task sheets if they would help me create a new set of sentences for their Essentials sentences that were Minecraft-themed.

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