Author: Renee Harris

Playing with Pigments

There are great games, and then there are games with mechanics so smooth and flawless that they border on near perfection. In my home, this near perfect experience would be known as Fresco, a game that is jam-packed with rich theme and simply stunning components. Fresco is a European strategy board game where players are transported back in time to the Renaissance as they become master painters, who are restoring a ceiling fresco in a local cathedral.

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Board to Death

I’m happy to welcome a guest writer to the blog today. In late November of last year, when I shared this blog post to the CC Official Facebook page, I connected with another fan of Eurogames, Renée Harris. A kindred spirit, Renée and I discussed favorite board games with each other and quickly found that in addition to our choice of homeschool curriculum, we shared a passion for this hobby, too! I asked Renée to write on this topic because of her extensive knowledge and experience and because she clearly has a passion for sharing the benefits of board gaming with others. Look for...

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