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You asked for it–you got it! My “Let’s Learn Latin” flash cards for Henle I have been redesigned and are even better than before! The new card set has been designed to be printed on pre-perforated business card stock so you can quickly and easily make your own set at home. I’ve had fabulous results with this paper and these business card-sized laminating pouches, which make the entire process a breeze!

The biggest difference between my original set and this one is the basic organization. In the first set, the cards were arranged by lesson number. This time, I decided to separate them out by part of speech so all of the 1st declension nouns are in one file, 2nd declension nouns are in another file, and so forth. This keeps each file to one color/pattern and makes the cards look much more uniform when printed. 

As before, each of the individual PDF files utilizes colors and patterns to help students make visual connections between individual words and the groups to which they belong: pink represents the number 1, so 1st declension nouns are solid pink and 1st conjugation verbs are chevron striped pink. Blue represents the number 2, so 2nd declension nouns are blue and 2nd conjugation verbs and chevron striped blue. Adjectives of the 1st/2nd conjugation are a mix of blue and pink and use a diagonally striped pattern to differentiate them from the verbs. The various colors and patterns–as well as the lesson numbers on the fronts of the cards–make it super easy to quickly sort the cards for any purpose.

As a Classical Conversations director, I’ve found many uses for these cards in my classroom and I would love to see and hear how you use yours. Post a photo to social media with the hashtag #letsreviewlatin so we can see them in action!

You can purchase the cards here. From now until October 31, 2017, get them for 20% off by using the coupon code NEWCARDS! Even better, if you purchased the original set and would like this new design, use HAPPYCAMPER at checkout and you can download them for free.* 

This post contains affiliate links. Your price is the same, but any commission I earn helps offset blog expenses. 
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