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Well, the flash cards took longer than I’d hoped to complete, but I’m happy to say that the remainder of the vocabulary necessary for a student to begin to translate more advanced Latin passages from Henle I is available here! Best of all, they are 100% free!

Please note:

  • Unlike the original set, these cards are not organized by lesson number. It was much quicker for me to design the cards by ordering them by part of speech, so that’s the organizing principle behind this second set. Within the part of speech, they should be chronological by lesson number.
  • As a Challenge B tutor, these words are all new to me. If I have made any mistakes in labeling them or with the translations, please let me know and I will correct them ASAP.
  • If I have inadvertently omitted some of the vocabulary, please let me know which ones and I’ll do my best to update the file as quickly as possible.
  • Some of the words are duplicates. I went ahead and made new cards because the new definitions include additional information. Either way, you may discard the old or new duplicate card as you see fit.

Henle Flash Cards Add-On | Antiquated Notions

If you’ve stumbled across this set first and are interested in purchasing the vocabulary for the first half of the Henle text, you can find it here {files are a digital download; not a physical product}.

Henle Latin Flash Cards | Antiquated Notions

If you need ideas for how to use the cards, check out this blog post that I wrote when I introduced the first set.

Finally, if you want to check out my personal method for quickly cutting the cards (it does require a cutting tool—mine is similar to this one), check out this video: