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Last fall, I wrote a post about some board game recommendations for Christmas gifts hoping to help readers—especially those in my homeschooling community—discover some new board game gems. Little did I know then that I would be the one to discover the greatest gem: a new friend!

As a direct result of that post, I became friends with a fellow CC Challenge director and board game enthusiast, Renee. In the months since, she and I have shared countless messages across the miles detailing our latest board game discoveries and sharing homeschool-related resources and advice. She has become a dear friend to me (writing board game reviews here herself) even though we’ve never met in person. In tribute to the power of board games not only to entertain but also to create and strengthen the bonds of friendship—even when those friends are separated by hundreds of miles—Renee and I are excited to give away to one lucky reader a copy of one of our favorite games: Orleans!

Orleans Board Game Giveaway from Antiquated NotionsI was introduced to this game by Renee, who counts it among her top favorites (believe me, that’s saying something). About 30 minutes into my first game, I could tell why she loves it so much. There’s a fairly huge luck component in some of the game mechanics, which constantly challenges you to develop new strategies when things don’t initially work out the way you’d hoped they would. There are many routes to victory using different strategies and a wide range of ages will enjoy playing it. We chose this game in particular because we both enjoy playing it and also because it’s set during the Middle Ages, which is exactly the time period we’re studying in CC this year.

I decided not to write a review of Orleans here but there are several resources you should check out if you want to learn more. A YouTuber named Rahdo does game runthroughs that allow you to actually see board games being played. This is enormously helpful if you’re a visual learner and my husband and I often watch these runthroughs before we ever even buy a new game. You can find Rahdo’s Orleans runthrough here. This review is also quite thorough—and I have to particularly agree with his conclusion.

So, how to win? In order for your name to go in the drawing, please leave a comment on this post answering ONE of the following questions:

  • What is your current favorite board game to play and why?
  • What does the perfect family game night look like at your house?
  • What’s the farthest you’ve ever driven to spend the weekend with a friend?

Renee and I will sort through the answers and randomly pick a winner on September 7. Look for the announcement here and good luck!

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P.S. We really, really love this game. Two of my nieces just left for college and we gave them this each a copy of the game to take with them. I think you’ll love it, too!