Awards certificates and flash cards update

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I have a brand-new free download for you this week: awards certificates that you can use for your Classical Conversations’ End of Year program! This package include cycle-specific PDFs as well as sample Word .docx files that have already been set up and are ready for you to customize. 

Awards Certificates for Classical Conversations from Antiquated Notions

I’d hoped to be able to provide you with editable files for PCs and Apple computers, but ultimately had to opt for plain PDFs for my friends with Macs. If you can open a .docx file, you can probably adapt these fairly easily for your purposes. 

Awards Certificates for Classical Conversations from Antiquated Notions

The zipped folder contains a sheet of instructions that you should read prior to using these, and explains everything that is included in the download—including the names and download location for the free fonts I used to design them. 



I’ve had quite a few people contact me recently regarding the Challenge 1 extension to my Henle Latin flash cards. I had hoped to complete those over the late winter/spring break and have them ready by now. Unfortunately, life had other plans for my family. I regret that I haven’t been able to follow through on that and just wanted my readers to know that I will try to provide those as soon as I possibly can. The current card set includes the vocabulary used through Lesson 25 of Henle Latin I, and are perfect for Challenge A and Challenge B students.

Click here to learn more about how these flash cards can be used with Challenge A and B. To purchase, click here.

How to use Henle flash cards | Antiquated Notions