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As promised, the final set of Minecraft™sentences that correspond with Classical Conversations’ Essentials of the English Language (EEL) guide have now been uploaded to the Essentials tier of CC Connected. Subscribers should search for the filename MJO_MinecraftEELSentences.pdf (usename is meljohnson).  This one file replaces the former one, although if you’re interested in how that one came about, check out this post. Because the EEL guide is copyrighted and this document uses the guide’s format for practice sentences, you must be a C3 subscriber to access the file. However, here’s a sampling of sentences that are included in this updated set, which includes complex and compound-complex sentence structures:

  • Ghasts, who love to terrify others, make me angry!
  • The ender dragon, who loves fireballs, erupted, but I dodged the flames while he chased my friend through The End.
  • Steve is successful when he mines iron, and iron is usually good starter material.
  • The dragon egg, which fell on the floor, is Steve’s prized trophy so he is sad.
  • The dragon summoned his endermen when I fled him, so Steve gave me his diamond sword.
  • Minecraft, which is fascinating, makes our lives interesting, but we still need to study.

Happy diagramming from the Johnson boys, Minecraft-style!

Minecraft themed sentences for EEL