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If you are a member of a Classical Conversations (CC) community, then you are probably aware of the subscription service CC Connected (C3), an online membership that gives you access to a rich variety of resources through CC’s website. Today I want to tell you a little about some features of a C3 subscription that you may not have yet discovered. As you’ll soon see, a C3 subscription is worth significantly more than its price tag. Your price will depend on the number of tiers that you subscribe to (Foundations, Essentials, or Challenge) and whether you are a tutor or director, but believe me when I say that these are huge values tucked into a very reasonable monthly subscription rate. 

RightNow Media

FOR: Anyone who wants to dig deeper into the Bible. REQUIRES: Any tier subscription

Several of you may have heard about Right Now Media’s subscription service through your churches. I know that’s how I first heard about it. However, now CC is including this expansive Bible study streaming service in its C3 subscriptions. Membership allows you to instantly stream Biblical resources from over 150 leading Christian publishers and ministries in your homeschool. It’s often called the “Netflix of Bible study” because of the vast library of resources from which you can choose. You can watch content from your TV, desktop, laptop, Roku, iPhone or iPad app, making it incredibly accessible as long as you can stream video. Teachings include those from Francis Chan, David Platt, Bill Hybels, Jen Hatmaker, Mark Batterson, and many, many others. There’s truly something for everyone here! 

FIND IT: You will  receive an email from CC with instructions on how to activate your RightNow Media account when you sign up for C3. You can access it from the CC home page. Point to Connected at the top of the page, then under Subscription Services, click RightNow Media. VALUE: $80/month

Visual Latin

FOR: Any student of Latin. REQUIRES: Challenge Tier subscription

Visual Latin is an engaging video curriculum taught in a very engaging way by Dwayne Thomas. Although CC uses the Henle curriculum for Latin studies at the Challenge level, students can also benefit from the Visual Latin (VL) videos on C3 for added instruction and practice. Although they are organized on C3 by part of speech (nouns, adjectives, ablatives, verbs), it can sometimes be challenging to find the videos that correspond with the Henle lesson. Luckily, there’s a document in the file sharing area that matches up the Henle lessons with their VL counterpart. I use these all the time while prepping for Latin lessons with Challenge B.

FIND IT: Classical Tier > Classical Learning Center > Grammar (Latin) (from the dropdown list) > choose from Latin Nouns; Latin Grammar First Steps; Latin Adjectives; Latin Ablatives; or Latin Verbs [please note that all Visual Latin videos are preceded by the prefix VL:]. VALUE: $160

I’m saving what I consider the very best for last. This is something I just discovered in the last two days and I am beyond excited about it!

Old Western Culture

FOR: Challenge level families or parents who are interested in diving deep into the Great Books. REQUIRES: Challenge Tier subscription

A month or so ago, I discovered Old Western Culture through the Homeschool Buyers’ Coop. I watched the promotional videos and fell in love with the content as well as instructor Wes Callihan’s teaching style. However, I lamented the fact that even with the substantial discounted offered through the co-op, I couldn’t really afford to purchase a subscription at the time—forget the fact that I also couldn’t really squeeze the curriculum into an already full Challenge B year. It just looked so good, and it was on sale! LOL Fast-forward to December 12, when I was reading the December “Cultivating Classical Parents” newsletter from CC and stumbled across this paragraph: 

Roman Roads Ancient Literature Video Series
Also available on the CC Connected Challenge tier are twenty-six Old Western Culture videos by Wes Callihan discussing the works of Homer, Virgil, Sophocles, and much more! Learn with Wes as he discusses the influence of the works of the ancient Greek and Roman cultures on our western culture through the ages.

Image my surprise and utter delight to discover that the very video series I had coveted so recently was included with a subscription I was already paying for! I tempered my excitement until I could log into CC Connected and verify with my own eyes that these were the very same videos AND.THEY.WERE! (cue the Halleluiah Chorus!) Not only does C3 include the teaching videos, it also includes supplementary files including tests, answer keys, and much, much more. I cannot wait to incorporate these into my high school student’s curriculum next year. I’m so excited to dive into these classical texts myself with an instructor of such high caliber. Check out the video trailer for The Epics series on YouTube here.

FIND IT: Classical Tier > Classical Learning Center > Exposition & Composition (from the dropdown list) > choose from Ancient Literature: Drama, Lyric, Philosophy; Ancient Literature: Epics of Homer; or Ancient Literature: The Aeneid. VALUE: $448

I hope this information will help you to discover these gems much sooner than I did! As you can clearly see, a C3 subscription is a terrific value for your homeschool budget.