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My boys are crazy for Minecraft™. They are not so crazy for their Essentials analytical task sheets. In a flash of inspiration yesterday, I decided to allow them to forego the task sheets if they would help me create a new set of sentences for their Essentials sentences that were Minecraft-themed. They enthusiastically helped me create the following list, which can be used by anyone who is working on parsing and/or diagramming with their students:


Subject/Intransitive Verb (Declarative)

  • Steve mined.
  • Wow! Alex mined.
  • Steve punched.
  • Cool! Alex and Steve jumped.
  • Herobrine, the mysterious miner, has stalked in the trees of the forest.

Subject/Intransitive Verb (Imperative)

  • Dig.
  • Chop.
  • Build.
  • Quickly build.
  • Run to the sheep with your shears.

Subject/Intransitive Verb (Interrogative)

  • Who chopped?
  • Did Steve dig?
  • Alex mined?
  • Has Steve slept soundly in the treehouse?
  • Did the creeping creeper explode?


Subject/Transitive Verb/Direct Object (Declarative, Exclamatory)

  • Steve mines emeralds and Alex collects diamonds.
  • Creepers hate cats and skeletons hate dogs.
  • Zombies steadily pursued me but I quickly dashed away!
  • Zombie pigmen love to creep, but ghasts prefer to wail.
  • Pigs squeal and oink alarmingly!

Subject/Transitive Verb/Direct Object (Imperative)

  • Steve, mine the gold, and Alex, collect acacia wood.
  • Build, and we shall live safely.
  • Alex, make daylight sensors, and Steve, craft redstone lamps.
  • Create an arena and you will courageously fight mobs.
  • Zombie Bob, hunt some villagers and Skeleton Sally, find spiders.

Subject/Transitive Verb/Direct Object (Interrogative)

  • Who griefed me and who blasted the arena?
  • Has Skeleton Sally shot arrows at Steve, and did she hurt him?
  • Zombie Pigman Zach hurt me, and he squealed?
  • Who enjoyed creeping, and who groaned in their sleep?
  • Who started to grief me, but who later ran away?

Subject/Linking Verb/Predicate Nominative (Declarative)

  • Steve is an adventurous miner and Carl is an exploding creeper.
  • Herobrine is a villain, so he is a monster.
  • Steve is a human, and he is a miner.
  • Minecraft is a fun video game, yet Monopoly is a classic board game.
  • The creeper, who detonated my shelter, is a destructive monster so I became his arch nemesis.

Subject/Linking Verb/Predicate Adjective (Declarative)

  • Zombies are frightening, for they are menacing.
  • Steve is heroic, and Alex is clever.
  • The ender dragon is colossal, and he is intimidating.
  • Spiders in the dark are hostile, but spiders in the light are docile.
  • Skeletons in a cave are safe, but skeletons in the sun are often flaming.

Subject/Linking Verb/Predicate Nominative or Predicate Adjective (Exclamatory)

  • Spiders are arachnids, and they are frightening!         
  • Creepers are demented, so they are my enemy!        
  • Pigs can become pigmen, so Steve is wary!
  • Steve and Alex are friends, and they are fearless!
  • The stalking enderman is an evil villain, and he is abominable!

Subject/Linking Verb/Predicate Nominative or Predicate Adjective (Interrogative)

  • Who is Herobrine, and who likes him?           
  • Is Minecraft spectacular, and does it promote fellowship?                                                                                
  • Is the miner Alex, and does she mine diamonds?
  • Is redstone a complex material, and does it teach logic to game players?
  • Are towering acacia forests a Minecraft biome, and are they incredibly thick with verdant trees?

These can be used specifically for the first 12 weeks of Essentials for Classical Conversations (we’ll post the 2nd half in time for the spring semester). If you have a subscription to the Essentials tier of CC Connected, you can find an Essentials-specific list of these sentences—matched up to the week numbers of the EEL guide—under the username meljohnson. The filename is Minecraft EEL Sentences

P.S. Did you miss last week’s post on my new Latin flash cards? If you did, check them out here! If you didn’t, please forgive me. I’m kind of excited about them! 🙂