Let's Review Ancient History Study Cards

I made these “Let’s Review” study cards a couple of years ago and completely forgot about them until I was searching for another file recently. I never quite finished all three sets, but since we are about to begin again at the beginning with Cycle 1, I figured there was no better time to finish them up. “Let’s Review Ancient History” is now available!

The cards are designed to be printed front to back (answers are on the page following the questions) and then cut into separate cards. I laminate mine so they’ll last longer and stay cleaner, but that isn’t necessary. 

The content comes from the period studied in Classical Conversations’ Cycle 1–roughly creation of the world up to around 700-1000 AD–but represent general knowledge history questions. In other words, you don’t have to use that program to benefit from using the cards.

These are great for putting on a ring, throwing in a bag or purse, and quizzing your kid(s) when you’re out of the house. Our favorite way to use them, though, is with a gameboard Trivial Pursuit-style. Maybe you could even throw them in some type of container and require your student to answer a question correctly before being awarded some type of treat!

Let's play a review game! Antiquated Notions

My plan is to have the other two sets available before the end of the year (maybe sooner), so please subscribe to my newsletter so you’ll be among the first to know. Just fill out the form below and you’ll receive a download link to this set. 

Enjoy studying ancient history!