During the second semester of Challenge B, Classical Conversations students study a beginning Chemistry text called Discovering Atomos. As part of the review of atomic number and mass for the first 18 elements of the Periodic Table, I made these gameboards. These are designed to drill fluency in computing basic information about an atom of a particular element.

The game boards are printed 2 per page, which you can cut and laminate. Each student will need 1 game board and an erasable marker. To use, give the students a piece or pieces of information about a specific atom, and then have them compute the remaining facts.

For example, you could give them this:

Atoms by the Numbers gameboards | Antiquated Notions

And they would need to come up with this:

Atoms By the Numbers gameboard | Antiquated Notions

You can provide as much or as little beginning information as you want. You can allow them to use their Periodic Tables if they’re just beginning to learn the information, or use this as an assessment for knowledge at the end of the course. You can simply call out element names and assign them to the students, or you could create slips of paper with various pieces of information (ex: Be, -2 anion) and have them complete their cards, or you could create a Jeopardy style game with varying degrees of difficulty for each piece of information about an element. Use your creativity to come up with the review game that’s perfect for your students.

Be sure to check out the directions included with the download for a quick review of how to determine numbers of protons, neutrons, and electrons in an atom.


Enjoy discovering atomos!

Download Atoms by the Numbers