Anyone who’s spent any time looking around my blog will realize that I’m a big fan of flash cards. I’ll make a set of flash cards…well, in a flash. I love the portability of them and the fact that I can toss a set to a child as we head for the car in order to squeeze in review time no matter where we are.

This year, Liam is in Challenge A and I’m directing Challenge B. Both of them use Henle 1 as the text, and part of the required work for A is to make your own flashcards. CC encourages the kids to make their own and I agree with that philosophy. However, there are certainly times when it makes sense to provide your student with the premade ones.

I designed a set of Henle Latin flash cards last year with input from several of my friends whose children were going into Challenge A. When I asked how they’d worked, they said their kids loved using them and so I decided to create a few colorful premade sets with various designs that would be available as instant downloads [ I can also create custom sets but those require a 48-hour turnaround time]. Does this “mus” make you want to study Latin?

Henle Latin Flash Cards | Antiquated Notions

Henle Latin Flash Cards | Antiquated Notions

There are instant download sets for “mus” sets in green, pink, yellow, and blue, as well as 3 different styles of camo and 1 neutral chevron with pink accents. I plan to add more as time allows.

CC also recommends that students make flash cards for geography, math, and logic. For Geography, they encourage them to illustrate each term whether they’re using a worksheet type handout (available for free from CC Connected) or simply defining the terms in a spiral notebook. Since I’m flashcard crazy, I designed a set of Geography “Draw Your Own” cards that incorporate my basic flash card style with a horizontal drawing area—perfect for students to illustrate the term. Liam isn’t naturally interested in art, but he hasn’t complained at all about doing his cards this way and I think they’re going to make a really cool study tool (not to mention a special keepsake for me) once he’s finished with the set:

Geography "Draw Your Own" Flash Cards | Antiquated Notions

Geography “Draw Your Own” Flash Cards | Antiquated Notions


I actually enjoy drawing and coloring and so I’d already decided that if he balked at the idea of doing these, I would illustrate the term *for* him while we studied together. I don’t think I’m going to get the chance. 🙂

In the coming weeks, I hope to create additional instant download sets for logic and chemistry, including a set for the elements of the periodic table.

If you’d like to make your own, you may want to check out these {free!} blank styles.

Happy flash carding!