First day | Antiquated Notions

I decided to give the boys a staggered start for school since they have spent a large part of the summer sleeping late and slacking off on their chores (this is my fault, not theirs).  Although our official start date is today, we won’t start Challenge until next Tuesday, and Foundations and Essentials the *following* week.

This week, we’re all focusing on getting back into good habits of rising early, diligently taking care of our chores, and starting back with our core studies: reading, writing, and math. Next week we’ll add a couple more electives, and the following week will be the full schedule with our CC memory work. Most of the local public schools in our area started back today so I offer this prayer not only to my own little homeschool, but to everyone who has a child in school this year. Blessings to you all.