I’ve been tirelessly studying up for Challenge B this summer and it’s left little time for much blog post writing. However, I did decide the other day that it was high time I added a little shop to my blog so I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know about it.

I’ve created various things for use with homeschooling and general scrapbooking/digital craftiness over the last several years and since Happy to Create closed its doors a couple of years ago, I never found a place to sell my digital designs. I toyed with the idea of opening an Etsy shop but decided instead to simply put up a few of my most popular designs here. I don’t have much there yet, but I’ll be adding to the various categories in the coming weeks and will also be designing some new things, too. And if you ever come across something that you absolutely adore on Pinterest but it’s the wrong color/font/pattern, send me a note and maybe I can create something custom for you!

One of the sections of the shop is for homeschooling helps and there’s an entire section of freebies that are available for download. Because it’s set up within the shop, you will add any items you want to “purchase” (for $0) to your cart and then check out as usual. Most of the ones up there are things that I’ve posted to the blog before, but I have more to add in the coming weeks so look for more soon!

Speaking of free homeschooling helps, here’s one that we used when we studied Cycle 3 with Classical Conversations three years ago. It was a big winner for us and is so simple to play. All you do is take 50 slips of paper, each with the name of one of the states on it, and put them in a bowl so you can draw them out when it’s your turn. After you draw a state, you roll this paper die to determine your question for that round. The 6 questions are:

  • In what region would you find this state?
  • Where would you be if you traveled west from this state?
  • What is the capital of this state?
  • Where would you be if you traveled south from this state?
  • Which states are neighbors to this state?
  • What significant geographic features would you find in this state?

You can keep score if you like or even use this as a review game with musical chairs or something along those lines if your kids are getting squirrelly and need some kinesthetic learning time. I also think that this is one that could pretty easily be taken on long road trips for a change of pace from the A-Z game!

Happy {states} studying! Let the good times roll!

{Download here}