I’ve been posting my runs on Nike+ to Facebook so my friends can help keep me accountable—and their encouragement is a huge boon, too. I was especially reminded of this the other day when I posted pics from my first 5K and got this Facebook comment from my friend Libby:

Oh I am so proud of you. Had I known I would have run with. I am in Pelham for several days. Maybe we can run Monday or Tuesday.

Now you might think my first thought would be something along the lines of How sweet is that for Libby to offer to go with me for a run?! (which, for the record, I did think after.) But the first thought that popped into my head was this:


Behold the Lamborghini (that would be Libby): fun loving, high performance, sporty, and above all, FAST.

Now compare that to the other image that came to mind (this one would be me, of course).


Oh yeah: the AMC Pacer. Reliable enough but not exactly a high performance machine. In other words: there’s no way I’m going for a run with LIBBY, of all people!

But here’s why I wanted to write about that. I love that my ultra fit, running machine of a friend cared enough to encourage me with her post even though I’m still at a very self-conscious point in my running journey (check out that 13-minute mile!). If anyone realizes how poorly matched the two of us would be for running partners it’s Libby but she and so many other of my running friends have gone out of their way to encourage me as I have begun. It’s one of the things that Libby herself said she loves about running—the fact that no matter where you go in the world, you can always find a kindred spirit in another runner. I love that generosity of spirit and hope that one day, I can encourage other “Pacers” like myself. Already, I’ve found a small community of other friends who are new to running and I’m enjoying so much the encouragement among us.

So Libby, if you ever read this, know that I love you and you are one of my running heroes. I didn’t take you up on the offer this time but one day, I *will* run with you!

P.S. My mother noticed Libby’s comment on my Facebook page and asked if I was going to take her up on it and go for a run with her. I gave her the “are you crazy?” look and explained my car metaphor when suddenly it occurred to me that I didn’t have to turn to fancy Italian cars to make my point. Look at the two cars pictured at the top of this post. Guess which one was Libby’s when she was a senior in high school and which one was mine? 🙂