True confession: I’m one of those people who has always thought that I had to have all the latest gadgets and gizmos in order to start working out properly. In order to lose all the weight I needed to lose, rationalized me, not only would I need the perfect set of workout DVDs to inspire me to start moving, but I also would need:

  • fancy new running shoes (in spite of the fact that I have not yet proved to be a runner—except in my head, of course)
  • workout clothes that will make me look like a fashionable runner (see disclaimer for No. 1)
  • the latest iPod (to listen to all the cool playlists that my running mentors have written about on their blogs/websites)
  • an iPhone (to take photos of myself working out which will further inspire me to work out more + use to track my progress in conjunction with #2)
rockin the running gear

Rockin my ghetto “You want fries with that?” headphones. Yes, I look ridiculous but the tunes sound awesome. An iPod is still on the wishlist but I’m not letting my lack of one keep me from starting.

Wow. Those are some pretty rad first world fitness “problems,” aren’t they? The harsh reality is that I’ve used my lack of all that as an excuse not to start at all. If I don’t have [fill in the blank], I really can’t [fill in the blank] very well. How sad is that? Any of the items I listed above could serve as great motivators for rewarding myself at some point along the way if I’m keeping pace with my goals.

And speaking of goals, I’m happy to say that this week I hit the only one I’ve set as far as running goes: to complete each Couch to 5K’s weekly runs (3) before my next TeamLean weigh-in. I started last Thursday after weigh-in #1, and completed 4 runs yesterday: one ahead of my goal! This week I hope to get at least 5 in before next Thursday.

A friend gave me the most freeing piece of advice I’ve ever been given with regard to running and it has made a world of difference during this first week: “If you can go any slower, you’re going too fast.” Think about that for a minute and realize how freeing it would be for someone who isn’t a runner but wants to be. I’ve always been intimidated by running friends but by running alone and knowing that it didn’t matter how slow I was going was heaven: I’ve looked forward to every run since then.

I started Week 2 today and it went well. I’m going slow, and that’s OK with me. I’m moving, and like my modified paleo/primal/whatever the heck you call it food plan, it’s at least an improvement over what I *was* doing, which was not. much.

I may not start this journey in fancy Newton running shoes and a cool t-shirt, but there’s no reason I can’t end it that way!


P.S. If you’re reading this and you’re a runner, what’s your must-have piece of gear aside from good shoes? Speaking of shoes, should I be wearing a special kind of running shoe since I’m running outside cross-county style and not on pavement?