Yesterday, Quinn was talking about how excited he is that he’s officially on “Christmas break.” He’s ready for the festivities to begin, and remarked that we needed to make plans to “make some gingerbread. And how about we make some sugarplums, Mom?” [I have no idea what sugarplums actually are but if you know, please do share. Last year, my sentimental little man suggested we serve a goose for Christmas dinner.] Anyhoo, since flour and sugar are soon going to be on the naughty list at our house, I figured we’d make these amazing cookies one more time. I originally found the recipe in Family Fun in an article about making little stained glass lanterns out of gingerbread. If you want to do that with this dough, just cut 4 rectangles that are the same size, then cut out a smaller shape from each of those (you could use cookie cutters to make neat shapes) to make your window. Place a couple of Jolly Ranchers in your favorite color in the window, and bake as described. Be sure to use parchment paper or a silpat or else the melted candy will stick to your cookie sheet. When your four rectangles have cooled, stand them upright and “caulk” each of the 4 seams with royal icing. When it’s dried, you can place them over a tea light for a fun and festive Christmas decoration. They’re a fun alternative to doing the full scale gingerbread houses since you don’t need a pattern, you don’t have to worry about roofs, and you can make several fairly easily.

That being said, our favorite thing to do with this dough is to make gingerbread men and enjoy them with some eggnog–another thing that will soon be off-limits. Enjoy!

Gingerbread Cookie recipe

{The image above is sized 4×6″ so if you want to print out the recipe card, just right-click and save the recipe to your computer.}