headbanz fun in Essentials!

I’ve seen several posts and pins online showing how parents have been using Headbanz with their timeline cards for Foundation review, but I wanted to post a quick idea for using them in Essentials.

I love to give each child a headbanz, then walk around placing an IEW vocabulary card in each. Each student has a word, and we go around the table with other people giving them a clue as to what their word is. Sometimes we’ve done synonyms or antonyms, but usually we’ll just have another student come up with a sentence that uses that word, inserting the word “BLANK” when s/he comes to the secret vocabulary word. It’s a lot of fun!

Other variations for using headbanz in Essentials (simply make your own cards from index cards or scrap pieces of cardstock):

  • parts of speech |  Clues would be words that are that part of speech; one student would give a clue and if the student wearing the headbanz got it right, he would get 1 point. If he needed another clue, another student would give a clue and if he got it right that time, he would get 2 points, continuing to receive more clues/points if he needed them. The winner would be the student with the lowest number of points.
  • sentence patterns | The clue would be a sample sentence that used that pattern; use same scoring system as above.
  • homophones |  Have another student provide a sentence to that student using his or her word; the student wearing the headbanz has to spell the homophone correctly based on its usage in the sentence.
  • grammar definition flashcards | Using the flashcards available on CC Connected, give each student a definition in his or her headbanz, which they then have to recite on their turn.

I’m sure there are many ways to use these fun headbanz in class creatively. I’d love to hear your ideas if you’ve done something similar!

{True confession: I was so excited to play this game with my class at the beginning of the year, that I scheduled it for week 2. I gave 4 students a word, each of whom was smart enough to figure out what their word was simply by looking at everyone else’s! In my excitement to play the game, it didn’t occur to me that they’d be able to do that but I was very proud of them for being so clever.}