The other night we were finishing up with supper when Loys said, “Great googley moogley!” One of the boys asked where that expression came from and after a few minutes of thinking hard, I finally came up with the phrase “Somebody and the Ferocious Beast,” I think. I did a quick search on the iPad and quickly found Maggie and the Ferocious Beast, so we all took a walk down memory lane. None of the kids remembered much about that show, but it got Loys and me thinking wistfully of the tv lineup of days gone by–especially how the shows that we used to grow so tired of–Roly Poly Olie, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, The Wonder Pets–were infinitely¬†better than the ones they want to watch NOW. I’d gladly trade Teen Titans Go for an episode of Oobi any day!

And then, as we were discussing those oldie but goodies, Loys suddenly remembered Postman Pat! Now *that’s* a show I could watch over and over again! I remember Liam loving it to the point that we ordered him Postman Pat’s mail truck (which came with Pat and Jess) and the Greendale Express–complete with Ajay–for his birthday one year. And for the icing on the cake, I asked my friend Janet’s husband, Graeme, to call Liam and pretend to be Postman Pat. Champion idea if I do say so myself! (Liam didn’t seem to be too impressed but I wish I had videotaped it!)

We discovered that you can watch many of the Postman Pat episodes on YouTube so it’s back in the rotation at the Johnson household. Aaron doesn’t remember much about them at all, but the rest of us get to enjoy them all over again.