So I’m on Xyron’s email list and I got something in my inbox from them this morning about two new adhesive products being released sometime in July. I don’t usually read my emails from them, but today I opened it for some reason. And there, just below the ad for the new dots and strips, was a link to the cutest monster bookmarks. After about a 20-minute rabbit trail of checking out all of the other cute monster bookmark links on Pinterest, I had a plan for a fun morning activity:

monster bookmarks

Although they indulged me and dutifully pretended that they were having fun, I think the person who most needed our little bit of craft time this morning was ME. It was good, “no money” fun and I probably could have kept making them all morning if the boys hadn’t been eager to play a game (Forbidden Island, and this time we won!). In case you’re interested in the specifics: we started out using origami paper (6″ squares), but found that we actually liked paper that was a bit sturdier (card stock or construction paper worked great for us). We used these folding directions and then just decorated our corners with more cardstock and plain ol’ Elmer’s glue (no fancy adhesive dots for us!).

It was a good start to our family’s LOOOOONG weekend: when he gets home tonight, Loys will be off for the next 4 days! And if you catch any of us reading, you’re sure to spot one of these little guys marking the place we left off.