I turned 48 today and had a wonderful, quiet day filled with things and people that I love. The day started off with a gift of music from Loys and beautiful sentiments from our three little princes who call me their queen. I can’t imagine a better way to start the day. I thought I was having a lunch date with Shari but was surprised to see Jannette and Cathy emerge from the car with her, along with a delicious lunch of salad and birthday PIE! I’ve never had a surprise birthday party so this one was a delightful first! Uncle Herman stopped by for a kiss and to bless me with genuine south Georgia-grown boiled peanuts–another favorite thing (tomatoes, too!). And none of this includes the wonderful family birthday party I had yesterday. I am well loved and very, truly blessed.

*So Uncle Herman jokingly asked me if I turned 19 today. I had to quickly do the math to figure out which anniversary it was of that birthday!

P.S. I’m also grateful today that Daddy wasn’t injured more seriously when he was hit very close to his eye/temple with something metal that flew through the air while he was mowing.