I convinced the boys to play board games with Loys and me on Saturday night as part of my birthday weekend. They were actually pretty eager to play Pandemic, which is a game that we’ve owned for years but have only played a couple of times (and then just Loys and me). Liam, in particular, loved the game and all 5 of us had fun. Aaron even joined in by teaming up with Loys since technically there are only supposed to be 4 players. Sadly, we were unable to contain the pandemic that erupted in Europe but we all still really enjoyed playing.

We moved on to Forbidden Island, which is another game by the same people who created Pandemic. Since the game mechanics are essentially the same, it was easy to pick up. Aaron was super excited to play but we lost Liam and Quinn, who went in their room to play Carrier Strike instead (Milton Bradley, 1977). Unfortunately, we had barely gotten the game off the ground when we managed to lose by sinking Fools Island–kind of an important part of the game since that’s where everyone is supposed to gather at the end with their collective treasure before being helicoptered off the island.

So the Johnsons were 0-2 last night overall, but we had a great time. I’m looking forward to playing both of these again!


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