Today’s photo prompt is “What You Do.” As I was reviewing some photos I took in our schoolhouse this morning, I realized that this one would actually be a pretty good one to fit that bill. It shows two of the biggest things that I do these days–teach my children and graphic design–plus the “implied” thing: photography. The scripture from Micah is a favorite of mine, especially for keeping in front of the boys. I have another 8×8 frame in their room that features this verse, but I wanted to create something fresh in their school colors to display in the schoolhouse. I haven’t hung them on the wall yet, but they were there for our own second “inaugural day” today (which just happened to be Pres. Obama’s second inaugural day, too).

When we first moved back home, we planned from the start to use Daddy’s office as our schoolhouse. It worked great for that first year and I loved having a place to keep all of our school supplies–much like our dedicated schoolroom in North Carolina. Eventually, the newness wore off and the boys began to whine about wanting to do school at home: my literal-minded Liam was insistent that it couldn’t be done any other place! So when school started back last August, we dragged all of our books and supplies back to the house and did all of our school at the dining room table–which is where we’ve been up until today. During the Christmas break, I made the decision to go *back* to the schoolhouse and so I spent most of this past weekend moving everything down there again. Mama, Daddy, and I spruced things up as best we could in a limited amount of time, but I plan to maybe do some painting and possibly even redo the floors over the summer.

For now, we are happy to be back. I have my giant whiteboard again, Aaron has lots of room to get creative in our art/science area, Quinn has a big comfy chair (with blanket) for reading time, and we have a computer station where Liam will be able to do all kinds of research for all of us.