I was working on lesson plans this morning when I got a Facebook message from Martha Jane, one of my oldest and dearest friends who happens to live on the other side of the world. She’s a missionary, and was working on a talk she’s going to give and needed my help. She was trying to find the lyrics to a song that we sang in high school in our respective church groups called “A Fisher of Men.” She’d looked online and couldn’t find it and couldn’t quite remember all of the lyrics herself. She reached out to me thinking that I would remember (I didn’t!), but I told her I’d look and get back to her. I used to play the piano for our MYF group and I knew that Mama had the songbook that the song was in–problem was, I just couldn’t seem to locate it.

I had looked at her house for this exact songbook a few months ago. I don’t know why, but I had started thinking about those old praise songs that we used to sing and I wanted to see if I could play any of them anymore. My piano skills would be described as rusty at best, but I was hoping I hadn’t forgotten everything. Anyway, that day, I looked and looked and came up empty-handed. I knew that Mama hadn’t thrown it away–she doesn’t throw away ANYTHING–but it didn’t seem to be in her house with the rest of the sheet music and books.

Fast forward to this morning and MJ’s request for the song that I knew was in that book. As I walked to Mama’s house, I prayed that God would lead me to it. I walked over to the piano, turned on the light, and turned to the bookshelf on the right. As I glanced up and down the rows, a small plastic binding caught my attention. Even as I reached to pull it off the shelf, I knew it was the book I wanted. Sure enough, the cover confirmed what I already knew in my heart.

I know it’s a small thing and some might even say a silly thing. But I love the fact that God used me to help my friend halfway across the world minister to a group of women. Proof positive that God can and does use all of our life experiences, if only we’ll let Him.