I started off the new year today by making a commitment to one thing and one thing only: to listen to the Daily Audio Bible every day. I figure if I can get that one thing right, then many other things will fall into place and God will lead me where I need to go. Brian ended the first day’s readings with this heartfelt prayer, which I am reprinting here because I loved it and want to refer to it as the year progresses.

We thank you, Heavenly Father, for this New Year’s Day 2013. We are in awe and with great anticipation for what you are about to do in our lives over the next week, month, quarter, all the way through this year. We are in great anticipation. So we invite you into this, the new community of the Daily Audio Bible for this year. We invite you right here and now, right at the beginning. Speak to us. Come, Jesus. Come, Holy Spirit, we pray. We fling open the windows of our hearts. We roll up the carpet. We open the closets and the basements and the attics, all of the places where we’ve compartmentalized all sorts of things, all the hurts of life, all of the things that we regret. We open them up to you now. All of these places, Jesus, you can come. You have our full permission. We invite your Holy Spirit into the deepest core places of our lives. Speak to us through your Word. Speak to us in the deepest places of who we are and transform us, change us. Change us into the people you’ve created us to be, living the life you’ve created us to have. We so desperately invite you and we so desperately reach for you, as little children reaching for a father. We reach for you and ask you to pick us up and carry us through your Word this year, this grand adventure through your people and your relationship with them. Come, help us find our place in this great story. Give us orientation to you and orientation to the world about us and may we live from this place this entire year. Come, we pray, in the mighty name and by the authority of the name of Jesus. Amen.